The Challenge

The Furniture Group was tasked with not only maintaining but significantly growing their market share in a competitive e-commerce landscape. They managed a quarterly advertising budget of over $50 million, a dedicated team of 50, and a call center of 40 personnel. The breadth of responsibilities included all facets of marketing and public relations, analytics, technology management, and the seamless integration of these components with existing internal marketing efforts.

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01. The Solution

NOQii Digital assumed the helm of The Furniture Group’s marketing and analytics operations. Our multifaceted approach encompassed:

  • Comprehensive management of paid and organic digital media.
  • Expansion across various publication channels.
  • Extensive social media strategy and engagement.
  • Advanced analytics, including the development of new technological solutions.
  • Coordination of supply chain analytics.
  • Vendor management on a global scale and direct paid media management for key vendors.

Our team, in collaboration with The Furniture Group, also pioneered an in-house agency to deploy and manage social media marketing efforts effectively.

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02. Design

Our collaboration yielded impressive outcomes over a three-year period:

  • Leads and conversions soared by 32%.
  • The cost per lead (CPL) saw a significant decrease.
  • Annual revenue was bolstered, surpassing $100 million.
  • Optimization of media buying relationships.
  • Implementation of innovative analytics and technology solutions that propelled the e-commerce platform forward.

Summary: With an annual budget of over $50 million, our strategic initiatives helped The Furniture Group catapult their revenue from $32 million to $113 million. The conversion rate improved from a modest 0.72% to an impressive 2.91%, while CPL dropped from 52.32 to 31.61, reflecting the efficacy and impact of NOQii Digital’s expansive marketing strategies.