The Challenge

The Company needed to unify its marketing operations under a single global agency that could handle a complex, multi-million dollar advertising budget and coordinate marketing strategies across five continents. Their objectives were to increase leads and conversions, reduce the cost per lead (CPL), and ultimately drive substantial revenue growth. They sought to improve media buying efficiency, engage with social and influencer marketing more effectively, support live event promotions, and enhance both trade and direct-to-consumer business streams.

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01. Solution

NOQii Digital took on the ambitious role of leading the entire marketing process for The Company. This effort spanned all facets of digital and traditional media, including:

  • Paid and organic digital media campaigns
  • Print magazine advertising
  • Comprehensive social media management across platforms
  • Building and maintaining influencer relationships
  • Strategic media buying and placement

NOQii Digital’s team managed operations across various geographical locations, harmonizing efforts with The Company’s internal teams and ensuring that marketing messages were culturally relevant and impactful.

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02. Results

Over three years of collaboration, NOQii Digital achieved remarkable results:

  • Lead generation and conversion rates increased by over 26%.
  • CPL was reduced significantly.
  • Supported a revenue increase of over $100 million.
  • Streamlined coordination with media buying agencies.
  • Enhanced real-time social media engagement on a global scale.
  • Facilitated a successful digital transformation.


With an annual marketing budget exceeding $2 million, NOQii Digital’s strategic initiatives helped boost The Company's revenue from $36 million to $57 million within the first year. The conversion rate for passengers doubled from 3.61% to 7.22%, and CPL dropped from 106.37 to 57.21. These growth metrics continued to improve consistently through 2022 and 2023.