The Challenge

With over $50 million in quarterly advertising expenditures, The Telecom Company required comprehensive management across marketing, PR, promotions, and social media. The undertaking included the pioneering deployment of advanced analytics for phone line attribution, meticulous budget management, and the enhancement of eCommerce operations — all aligned with the company's internal marketing strategies.

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01. The Solutions

NOQii Digital stepped up to direct The Telecom Company’s marketing endeavors. Our comprehensive strategy encompassed:

  • Orchestrating paid and organic digital media campaigns.
  • Managing print advertising and ensuring cohesive brand messaging.
  • Overseeing extensive social media strategies to engage with diverse audiences.
  • Implementing BigQuery for the world’s first global deployment for precise phone line attribution.
  • Full management of media buying, placement services, and real-time social media activity.
  • Refining the customer journey through detailed website analytics and technology optimizations.

Our team worked in close concert with The Telecom Company’s internal staff across various geographies to ensure a unified marketing front.

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02. The Results

The collaboration led to substantial outcomes over three years:

  • A significant increase of over 27% in lead generation and conversion rates.
  • A reduction in cost per lead (CPL).
  • Generating over $1 billion in new revenue within the Americas.
  • Streamlining coordination with media buying agencies.

Summary: With a keen focus on integrating innovative marketing technology and analytics, NOQii Digital helped The Telecom Company achieve remarkable growth. Our efforts over the period not only saw an enhancement in the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns but also drove substantial revenue increases, further solidifying their position as a telecommunications leader.